Rise Up & Run/Walk Like Mad 5K – September 10, 2016

You can’t keep a good woman down and I certainly wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to strut, as much as one can strut in a walking boot, across the 50-yard line of the  soon to be imploded Georgia Dome just days before turning 50.

Course-wise it’s typical Atlanta terrain, looping around the Georgia Dome and Philips Arena, and up and down a few hills. It’s not the most scenic route but it is pretty fast. I could see setting a PR on this course.  Seeing the new stadium going up next to the old stadium was interesting (I’m still trying to figure out the necessity of tearing down a roughly 20-year old functional stadium for a brand new stadium. On the other hand, it will accommodate two teams instead of one. Go, Atlanta United!)

The best part is the final 40 yard sprint across the 50-yard line and, of course, racing (rather slowly) with friends and passing Arthur Blank on the course. Walking or running, it just felt good to be out there!


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